You Can Make Your Own Baby Food

Babies need a lot of nutritional foods to develop their brains and bodies. It is also necessary for building their immune systems. Once a baby reaches the age of six months, it is recommended that they start with eating solid foods. By solid foods, I am referring to soft foods. The easy method would be to buy pots of baby food but who knows how much preservatives and other added ingredients are in those food pots. If you want to, you can make your own baby food.

Making baby food is not really difficult. It’s much simpler than you would expect and there are many varieties that you could make. All you need is a small pot and a blender; plus the ingredients, of course. Then you can prepare it yourself. With baby food, you want to keep the meal as natural as possible. So only the vegetable and fruit will feature. No added salt, sugar or other additives.

Fruit based baby food can consist of one or a number of fruits. You can mash a banana as a sweet treat or you can mash strawberries. For an interesting option you can add the two together. Apples are also a great fruit to use. Peel the apple and cut it into slices then cook it until it is soft. You can either mash it with a fork or blend it.

With a vegetable based baby food you can play around with different options. You can cook sweet potato, potato, carrots, or butternut. Using a blender, you can blend the potato with any one of the aforementioned vegetables. Alternatively, you could blend and serve each vegetable on its own.

You could also incorporate chicken in these meals. Be sure to cook the chicken breasts thoroughly before you blend it. You may need to add a bit of water or milk when you blend it so that it can reach a smooth consistency that your little one can digest.

A blender that offers high speed to blend fruit and vegetables to a smooth and soft consistency would be the ideal catering equipment for preparing food for your little one. When you prepare the vegetables and fruit yourself, you know exactly what is in the food and what you are giving your child – a natural wholesome meal. If you’ve made too much baby food, you can store it in little food pots or in ice cube trays and freeze it for another day.

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