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How to Package Fruits and Vegetables

Some of the most perishable foodstuff includes fruits and vegetables. This requires that they be taken care of properly. From the way they are transported after harvesting, to the way they are packaged, then the way they are stored and how they are taken from stores to consumers; all these processes need great precautions. This is where crates come in handy.

Crates come in various sizes, shapes, colours, designs and material. Big crates are appropriate for large vegetables and fruits like water melons and cabbages. The smaller ones can package smaller fruits like apples and those vegetables that are not bulky.
Use of different colours are is a good marketing strategy for those who sell crates and also for fruits and vegetable venders. This is because the dashing colours is a way of attracting customers. Another reason is that some venders find it good to have a different colour of crate for each item they are selling. This aids in arranging the crates well in the stores and also makes it easier to access each commodity from the store.

There are very many types of shapes that crates are usually made in. Shapes are key when it comes to how these crates will be arranged during storage and transport. Also, some fruits and vegetables go nice with some particular shapes of crates. Then some clients prefer some shapes, say square shaped crates, and not others, say circular crates. This is why crates are so nice because there is a variety and one can choose whatever shape that pleases them the most.

Crates can come in either plastic or wood materials. Plastic crates are very advantageous. For ones they are very durable and hence they can be used very many times without being broken. Then, they come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. Disinfecting and cleaning the crates is also a very easy task. They have a high level of resistance to weather conditions. This means that they can be used in all adverse weather conditions.

Crates made of woods have some merits too. For one, this crates can be made by the locals and also they can be repaired by the locals. Secondly, they cannot be destroyed by certain weather conditions and water. They are the most appropriate for packaging bigger fruits like water melons. They can be used to transport and store fruits and vegetables for a variety of times Most wooden crates are well ventilated and therefore ensuring efficient and fast cooling or the commodities in transit.

Plastic crates are also very efficient when it comes to their stack ability. Stackable plastic crates make it very easy when it comes to storage, transport and even carrying them. They tend to take up very little space and preserve the contents inside.

3 Storage Tips from Someone With Experience

3 Storage Tips from Someone With Experience