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Important Prepping Gear

It can be an uphill task when trying to decide what you are going to buy as part of your prepping gear although there are some things that are more important than others and should come on the top of your prepping gear list. It is usually common to find that among most of the people, prepping gear is usually bought in bits by acquiring a few items at a time. There are others that zany afford all the items and so they usually prefer to buy all the prepping gear at a go. Anyone who is willing to obtain prepping gear should under that there are important items that you should purchase first before buying the rest especially if you opt to buy the items in bits.

One of the things that should come at the very tip of your list when deciding to buy prepping gear is food. You need to ensure that you obtain the adequate amount of food that would be needed since if anything happened, it will mean that there will not be any food sold. One of the things to note about the food needed as part of the prepping gear is that it should get able to sustain you and the people you have for around two months. Ensure that the food you obtain can sustain you for a long period of time without going bad and it should be the kind of food that can be prepared with much ease.

Ensure that you also have with you some seeds that you can be able to plant and harvest food from the plants. Water should be very important when making a list of the prepping gear that you had your family may need. You should ensure that you have a reasonable amount of water set aside and that you also have devices that can help you to cleanse water in case you run out of the one that you already have. You should ensure that you have bottled water and also other additional items such as rain barrels that can help you to tap rain water in case the situation is extended and there is no water for use.

As part of the preparation for the essential items on your prepping gear list, it is necessary that you also list a number of items that will help you to maintain safe and personal hygiene. One of the most important items for your safety and personal hygiene that you should have as part of your prepping gear is a, first aid kit. Having a first aid kit can be very helpful and you can end up saving a life in the case of emergencies.

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