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Benefits of Tree Planting

Every person has his or her own solid reason as to why they plant trees. Some plant trees to enhance the aesthetic value while others for shades where they can relax. See here why tree planting is significant.

The first benefit is that tree planting helps greatly in soil reinforcement. Trees are essential in curbing soil erosion, raises the fertility of the soil as well as increasing the moisture content of the soil. Where the trees drop their leaves on the soil surface, it helps in preventing moisture loss by lowering the temperature of the soil and the leaves will eventually decay and turn into manure which enriches the soil. With this condition, there will be increased microbial activities in the soil which increases the aeration of the soil.

Where the trees have been planted, there are very minimal cases of soil removal in the name of soil erosion. Where there is wind or heavy rainfall, soil erosion occurs due to the heavy drops from the sky. Where the water drops hit the open surface with a bigger magnitude, they carry away the soil. Where the wind blows on bear land, it sweeps away the soil causing erosion. Tree planting is essential as the roots compact the soil together and the leaves of these same trees hold the rain drops hence reducing the heavy erosion that could occur on the soil.

Contamination of the water will not occur where the trees have been planted. There is a high possibility that the stormy water has harmful chemicals for instance the phosphorus chemical. Where the trees are not present, this water will find its way to water sources hence contaminating it. This can lead to a massive death of the water animals as they will be poisoned. Where the trees are present, this polluted water finds its way to the soil by following the channels created by the tree roots hence saving the aquatic sources.

Tree planting is also essential in cooling down the streets which could have otherwise been greatly affected by global warming. Where the trees are planted, the temperature becomes cooler as they absorb the excess carbon gases from the air. There are so many people in the cities and in a case of global warming which could have occurred by replacing the trees on streets by the asphalt roads many will be affected Presence of a lot of tall buildings in the cities will increase the chances for global warming.

Where you plant trees the air will be regulated in a very natural way. Planting trees in strategic positions saves you the expense of fixing air conditioners in your building as they are able to regulate the air in a very natural way. Apart from air conditioning, you will realize that the trees planted in your home will remove all the unwanted gases from the air.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Lawns? This May Help

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Lawns? This May Help