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How The Use Of VPS Will Grow Your Business

Studies have indicated that 90% of people living in Canada and the US use the internet regularly. The growth in the number of internet users has also led to the growth in the number of people making purchases online, and this means that a website will be vital in the growth of a business. When your small business grows, and this also leads to growth in your online traffic, there is a need to consider shifting to a virtual private server as this will come with some benefits.

You will have some choices when determining the web hosting plan for your website. One can select whether to purchase a shared hosting, dedicated hosting or a virtual private server (VPS) plan for their site. Shared hosting is the cheapest option and suits the companies starting their journey online. In the case of shared hosting, you will share the cost as well as the resources with other business sites, but this can limit your business. In the case of dedicated hosting, the business website will have an entire server dedicated to it, and while this gives you control over the service, it might need some technical expertise.

If your online traffic is growing, there is a need to find strategies that will accommodate the growth and avoid crashing your site. You also need to add more features and campaigns as a measure to keep the business growing. Shared hosting will not be suitable as your business grows thus the need to upgrade your hosting plan. Read more here if you are not sure whether it is the right time to upgrade.

It is likely that you are looking to migrate to a dedicated server, but before getting there, a virtual private server will be the best choice. When you are looking to balance between performance, cost, privacy, and security, a virtual private server will be the ideal choice for your business.

By choosing to spend on VPS, your business site will enjoy dedicated resources. In the case of shared hosting, sites with higher traffic will leave other sites with fewer resources, but your growing business cannot afford such instances of downtime. A VPS server will involve one large, powerful server that has been divided into multiple servers, and each of the servers will operate as a private server with separate VPS functions.

Having a VPS server also means that your website will not rely on shared resources and this lead to faster load times. Faster load times will mean more online leads and conversions. Slow load times will affect your sales, and Amazon have predicted that one second of lag can cost them $1 Billion in sales in a year.

You will also enjoy better data security when using a VPS server while you will also benefit from disaster relief if your data is lost, stolen or corrupted.