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When a water line leaks or a pipe bursts, homeowners will have a headache ifn they don’t know what to do. One more issue is when a hired contractor will dig up the whole yard because its employees don’t have the technology to resolve the problem with less work and time. Your luscious lawn will become a mess of mud and dirt once the word is done while more money will be spent to bring back the landscape to its original condition.

Thankfully, as technology advances, water and sewer repair does not require much time and the yard is not compromised. Trenchless pipe bursting is a method that digs out an access pit and inserts a bursting head into the already existing sewer line. This has become a popular alternative to alleviate sewage and water line problems since repair can be done without excavating the pipe and destroying the yards, sidewalks and driveways as more money is spent in the restoration process.

Contractors proposing this type of pipe repair utilize no dig technologies, known also as hydraulic pipe laying and fitting, to complete the repair work. They will install the pipe lines while utilizing the old pipe by breaking it apart with a bursting head and pulling the new pipe into place behind it to create a new pipe. The trenchless substitute for repair, replacement and installation of pipes provides several benefits that homeowners must take advantage of.

Trenchless pipe bursting involves a lesser amount of destruction of the pipe and the lawn. Contractors use modern machines and technology to do the ground work. Only small holes are dug up at the end of each pipe and the machine will install the liner.

Less work entails less time as the repair does not need digging work done underground. It is different from the standard pipe repairs that involves widened trench if an issue is found and this can be more time-consuming and expensive. The new process of pipe repair allows the machine to use sensors that will detect solid objects such as pipes, tree roots or foundations to help alter the course of the pipe when necessary.

There is not a great deal of interruption while work is being completed compared to the traditional process. The newer choice does not entail lawn issues while repair in the lawn is in progress. Storage of belongings is also never an issue because the pipe machines don’t interrupt the traffic in the area.

Homeowners are sure to have cleaner and healthier water once the work is done. Breaks and cracks are no longer present so mold, dirt and bacteria won’t have any place to grow. Such advantages of trenchless pipe repairs are less stressful, more cost effective and much safer. Homeowners and neighbors are more contented without any trouble during the process.

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