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There is a memoir of Jonathan Van Ness and reveals some of the things that he has undergone in his life. Jonathan has some of the best quotes and you need to read here for more information. One of the best quotes of Jonathan Van Ness stresses the need for individuals to be in love with themselves and if there is any space that they take, then they need to be full of joy and proud. There are some things that you love doing and these are what you need to cultivate and promote so that you can take care of yourself in the best manner. Everyone likes to be beautiful and this aspect will be fruitful when you observe the issue of self-care. Another thing which Jonathan highlights is the need for people to have real energy when they are pushing some of their issues.

With inborn energy, then you will work towards being comfortable with yourself amidst all the circumstances that you are undergoing. For a majority of people, the focus is usually on the surface, but Jonathan Van Ness stresses the need to look at the humanity aspect. You need to have a strong self-esteem and confidence so that you can navigate through life. There are certain things that you need to assess in your life especially that time when you are getting into marriage and some of these things include use of products and also hair cuts. You need to realize that your feelings control much of what is happening in your life and therefore you should not try to overlook them. Your concentration can be beefed up when you design a reward system and that is what will motivate you to do what is necessary.

Much suffering has been brought about from political polarization and that is why there is need to get something different good for people. Jonathan also emphasizes on the need for individuals to find time and have a conversation with someone close to them or through a television program. There is an old saying which discourages reinvention but Jonathan insists that as long as you are healthy, then you can make yourself to be a better person in life. As an individual, you need to learn not to build walls because you will also be separating yourself.

You need to feel encouraged that you can come out of anything because of the story of Jonathan Van Ness’s sexual abuse survival. It is only through awareness creation and visibility that a community which is affected by HIV can get the assistance that it needs. There are those instances when you need to listen to people and there are those times when you should not.

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