7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

Many parents have a difficult time when it comes to picking the perfect baby name. There are many traditional names to pick from, but there is also the option to be unique and creative. Let’s take a look at a few of the important things to consider:


A simple point to consider is whether or not the preferred name goes well with the surname. For instance, it helps to avoid a name that is too similar or rhymes with the surname. Also, it helps to choose a name that doesn’t jar with the surname, but instead flows with it.

Liked by both

Any name chosen for the baby should be liked by both parents. It can be difficult to find a name that is entirely liked by both, so it is necessary to reach common ground. There may be a need to compromise, but that is better than forcing things and going with a name that is hated by one parent.


When considering a name, it is worth taking a look to see what the first, middle and surname spells out. In some unfortunate situations, this can spell out an undesirable word, which is likely to be picked up quickly once the children starts going to school.

Shortened version

Many names can easily be shortened. For instance, the name Catherine is typically shortened to Kate. If the shortened version of a name isn’t very appealing to you, it may be worth dismissing the original name and to continue to look for something else.

Popular names

Certain names are extremely popular and for this reason avoided by many new parents. Additionally, it is worth avoiding the names of high-profile celebrities or their children if you want to be unique.

Similar names

Any new baby name should go well with the names of existing children. For instance, it can be helpful to avoid using very similar sounding names for two or more children. Similar sounding names can make it more difficult for other people to remember who is who. Also, the names should sound okay when calling in a playground, park or similar place.

Later in life

The name given to a baby should still be acceptable when they become an adult. There are plenty of names that can go well with a newborn, but it can start to sound quite silly later in life. If the name isn’t likely to sound too good for a grown-up it may be worth reconsidering.