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Significance of a Telephone System.

Several phones are interconnected in an advanced manner to make a telephone system. This interconnection allows for some upgraded telephone characteristics and features such as teleconferencing, call handling, call transferring, metering and call accounting. The telephone system interconnection is mainly done in homes and small businesses are also big users of the system. Large companies and business entities mainly use the private branch system.

A central control office is used to control the features of the telephone system like the call handling and metering. The control office is used to control the use of interconnected phones from several and different stations. Some of the categories of the telephone system include the key telephone system, the private branch exchanges and the hybrid telephone system which is the largest of the other two.

An operator is not necessarily required for a key telephone system unlike the private branch exchange. The responsibility of the operator is to create a connection between the telephone systems in different stations. The central office systems also share the line of connection with the private branch exchange but the private branch exchange may compete with the central office system in features and the capacity. Line buttons are usually used to control the telephone connections in a station. To meet business communication goals and needs, the pabx system is absolutely satisfactory and appropriate.

The use of a telephone system has several benefits that can be enjoyed by small businesses. There is the togetherness of employees in an organization because they are able to speak in one voice. Unity ensures smooth running of the business. The use of business telephone system enhances the reduction of telephone costs that are usually paid at the end of the month. It is not appropriate to use the telephone system to make personal calls because the system allows the evaluation of calling durations and the charges arising from the calls.

This telephone system allows expansion because as the business is growing, the system can be as well upgraded. The telephone system is appropriate because of the capability to expand even as the business is increasing in size and acquiring more employees. The pabx systems definately serve a company greatly and the installation cost is affordable. New features can be integrated by the use of the telephone system. Through the system, a business is able to track its operations and also plan efficiently for its operations. Meetings and meetings with clients can be easily communicated through the telephone systems. Actually, the telephone systems are good in that they allow quality customer care because the employees are able to share ideas and ways to solve problems.

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