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Why Choose Smithfield Foods Company

Smithfield foods company is known to be the largest making packed meat brands. In addition, the company specializes in a number of meat products including hot dog or ham. The success of the company is linked to a number of factors including its reasonable prices, great tastes in the products it makes, as well as having a good reputation for the products that its clients can trust.

Here are the main responsible operations of Smithfield food company. One of the main areas that the company focus on is animal care. Besides, the company’s staffs are trained on how to keep the animals safe, comfortable, and healthy. For instance, Smithfield has taken a drastic step in hog products in the industry from the conversion of housing for pregnant sows on company-owned farms to the use of antibiotics. Besides, the company’s international; operations comp0ly to the set local guidelines and also maintain the animal care policy set by the authorities.

In addition to focusing on animal care, the company also specializes in environment conservation. Therefore, by buying products form Smithfield, you can be assured of getting quality products that have been produced from healthy environment. One of the ways in which the company reduces its impact on the environment goes a long way from keeping track of the feed given to animals to the disposal of their manure to the way they distribute their products. It good to note that the employees are also not left behind in environmental conservation move. The following are the areas in which the staff of Smithfield food assists the company in lowering its impact on the environment, these include areas of energy, water, solid waste, and greenhouse gas emission.

Smithfield foods company is also a leader in food safety and quality. In order to continue producing safe and high-quality products, the company continues to innovate across product categories. The company strives to produce safe, high-quality, and nourishing food something which is fundamental to its existence. Customers tend to be hooked to good products, the same case applies to Smithfield clients’; they trust the products they get from the company. One of the ways in which the company ensures safety in its products is by encouraging safety from the farm to the last step of production.

Another reason, why Smithfield is the largest producer of meat products, is the fact that it works hard to play a positive role in the communities where it operates. The community projects of Smithfield foods company include supporting hunger relief programs, educational opportunities, and veterans. Furthermore, the company also focuses on charitable causes that align with the five pillars of its sustainability program which include Animal Care, Environment, Food Safety, and Quality, Helping Communities, and People.

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