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Installation of a Fire Sprinklers

When a heat sensitive plug that is attached to a piping system that is also connected to a water source then its referred to as a fire sprinkler. Sensitivity to the temperature is what the liquid in the piping system entails. Triggering of the system is due to the heat and smoke resulting in the production of water. The water expands quickly breaking the glass while the deflector on the bulb distributes the water targeting the core of the fire. Spreading of the fire is prevented by targeting the core of the fire while also reducing it. Upon a fire break out the working of fire sprinkler is then set on.

The only time the fire sprinkler goes is when the temperature of the room is back to its usual. So as to control or stop the fire from spreading, two or more fire sprinklers are required even as they work independently of each other. Incase there is a fire breakout then the installation process needs to be at per. The installation of fire sprinkler needs to be done by a trained and certified contractor as they follow the rules and guidelines. The preinstalling meeting involves reviewing of the blue prints as well as the materials in the first process of installing a fire sprinkler.

When the preinstalling meeting is over, delivery of the fire sprinkler is then done not forgetting the pipes at set storage spaces for inspection. The layout of the fire sprinkler and the parts include the following sprinkler heads, control valves, main drain hangers, branch lines, calculation plate and many others. Correct installation of the fire sprinkler system is then done as the next process. The last process of installing a fire sprinkler system is testing by conducting hydrostatic testing and then final inspection. The working of a fire sprinkler for several years is maintained by following certain guidelines. Fire sprinklers should not be painted at the heads as the it blocks the passage way. The sprinkler head should not be covered nor be hanged on any items.

Stacked items are required to not be too close to the sprinkler head but rather at least eighteen inches below. Beside the don’ts there are various action maintenance that should be carried out such as ensuring the system is evaluated periodically. Its important to know the location of the shut off valve. Another responsibility that individuals need to follow is ensuring the fire sprinkler control valve stays open by checking the tamper switch every day. The final action maintenance is to carry out inspection as directed by the user manual or as advised by associations of fire sprinklers.

Fire sprinkler parts need to be inspected once every year however fire sprinkler association bodies recommend regular checking. Monthly, quarterly or annual inspections are some of the ways in which regular inspection is divided.

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