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A Feasibility Study For the Development of A Web-Based Application

This process involves the creation of programs that are that are run using a web browser. It is the process that involves analyzing and measuring the ability of a project being completed in a give time schedule using the allocated resources.

A number of feasibility studies need to be carried out before commencing any project dealing with the development of an application running in a web browser. Technical feasibility is involved in assessing which kind of technology should be used in developing the application to ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget and is producing satisfying outcomes. One of the important feasibilities that one needs to conduct is the one involving the financial resources that are needed to fund the project in terms of buying the resources to be used in the development of the application and also what the application is likely to give as returns after it has been developed.

Many projects end up being meaningless since they are completed after the time period specified is expired and therefore cannot serve the purpose they were created for; and with this, web app developers should make an effort to conduct a time feasibility study that will guide them on how long the project should take. It is important that one identifies what kinds of resources are needed in the development of the app web before starting the actual activity.

When one does a feasibility study before commencing the development, he/she is able to know if that particular project is doable and if it meets the stated legal requirements of a country. Feasibility study also may enable the developer to gain the focus in the project since they provide information of whether to go on with the project or not. Diversity in opportunities and specifying in major alternatives in one of the advantageous tools gained from feasibility study and they usually result to a success of the development. One of the motivations that one needs to have when undertaking a development project is having a reason and purpose for doing it and also skills to make a right decision since they are the main tools that aid to success.

Once identifies the various that make a project viable, he will also be able to identify some limitations that revolve around feasibility study and the development of the web application may face them for example, the budget constraint is an internal project constraint and laws and regulations which are external constraints.

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